‘Over the Border We Shall Go’ by Seren Wilcock, Year 9

A border may confine us. Confine us from the world around. No matter how hard we try there is no getting out. While you may think of the borders that separate countries; I’m thinking of the borders that keep us out. Locked in a world they believe is “safe” as there is something out there. But what could they have found that they don’t want us to know? Or could they have created something so dangerous we have no choice but to be stuck here? Confined to our own area, we now know it as home. According to documents these walls were built around every town and city.

Many people have tried to escape but these stones go on for miles out of reach. Up to the stars we shall go to find out what they did. Each stone having a hole in, almost as if they want us to find out. Up we shall climb to find what is so monstrous we have been concealed in. The hardest part being not only what we will find but once we’re up how do we get back down? Or how do we get back over?

As far as I can tell we’re almost at the top but there’s no way to know. It’s up to me to keep going as I am the leader. As we go up the stone changes from grey to white. The wind strengthens even more as we get closer to the top. All of us drained of energy, but we keep going. Stopping now will only cause us to fall. We could go back down or find our way out for the first time.

The tip of the wall is upon us, it’s just out of reach. I finally grab hold of the top and pull myself up. I help pull up the others and we all find ourselves at the very top of the wall. The wall is thick enough for us to sit on as we have a break. To get down we need to put a nail in the wall so we can abseil down. I go first as everyone else follows, whether the rope is the right length is a different question. So off we go.

As I get to the bottom, I feel drained. We have no idea what is upon us. If this goes wrong, then at least we have tried and there will be proof that someone has gotten over the wall.

One last jump and we’re there. And just like that I can feel the soft ground beneath me as I know that the start of our journey has been a success.

We are all down the wall but written on the walls are the words “Let Us Out” and “There’s No Getting Out”. Does this mean while we were trapped, so are others? Will we be able to get back home?

We are all within our borders and yet we are still outside others.