‘Over The Border’ by Zoe

Crossing over a border ; a dream many unfortunate people hope comes true… but why? Once
you cross a border there is no telling where you will end up or even who with. Oh but at least
you’re safe from all of the dangers like war and persecution… right? At Least you won’t have
to live a life in constant fear anymore or wake up to a sudden remembrance of where you are.
Let me bring this into reality. The places you are trying to flee from and the places you’ll end
up are similar in ways you would never think off…but how? How would you feel if you were
separated from your family? What if you don’t understand the language the country you have
fled to speaks? What if the place you end up is nothing like you imagined? What if your
experiences in the new country are harder and worse than those in the old? These are the
things you will have to deal with.

Did you think about the country you crossed over into protocols on refugees and immigrants.
What I mean by this is most countries have a procedure they are ordered to follow. As a
refugee crossing over a border will most likely land you in a detention centre where
unfortunately there is little to no freedom. Being in a detention centre will fill your life with
restrictions and everyday struggles. A dull, dark place that drains your hope. A place where
you may know no one but yourself. A place where people say is torture.

Being a refugee is not easy. The tasks and journeys that they have to deal with go beyond
every trial. How they go through all of this and still have hope for the future… I will never
understand. Personally, I would have surrendered my hope miles before I would reach my
desired destination. Having to be under constant fear and pressure over what the future may
hold would have demolished my sanity leaving me in the shadows of life not to mention that
refugees always feel out of place in a new country and petrified. Some refugees even have to
go through this without their family… Could you imagine? How would you feel if you had to
go through what they go through alone?

Lurking over the opposing side of a border is a mystery you won’t solve until you cross them.
You could be crossing over to a place worse than before but yet we still cross them. Why do
we need these barriers? Is there something behind them that is so bad it needs hiding ? The
release of stress refugees have when finally passing over the border…why? What was so bad
they were excited to get away from? Is it dangerous? These are questions many of us ask as
we are privileged enough to have an education and a safe place to live. Always consider
yourself lucky as there are people that fight to have what we have