‘Over the Border’ by Zane Baker, Age 14, Year 9, Ipswich County High School

On June 8th,a rocket ship built by a very rich man was about to launch into space.Everyones’s eyes were glued to the live broadcast .The launch gave off mixed emotions.The Rocket ship in a sequence launched into the blue sky bursting into space.

All cameras were fixed onto this  ship but in a flash an explosion a huge deafening crash left people’s ears ringing.A thick grey cloud of smoke clogged up the blue sky,as people could only stare at this huge ball of smoke which lay dormant in the sky.

The smell was a thoroughly strong ashy malodorous mixture which filled up the air.This smell could be smelt a mile away.You could feel the warmth of the explosion hit your skin.I can imagine the news headline ‘ROCKET SHIP FAILS ON TAKEOFF!’.This explosion was starting to clear out causing more questions towards the founder of this ship.

I got back in my car,and I switched on the radio. All that was on was ’rocket ship disaster’, ‘Rocket ship failed’,’rocket ship gone wrong’.The only thing being spoken about was the rocket ship failure.

Phones buzzed with notifications about the disaster following these events local police and ems responded in seconds to recover the crash site and calm down the public.Police officers urged to hold back the public and to tell them as little as possible what’s going on.This news was worldwide the founder knew he had to explain and fast so the people wouldn’t be questioning any longer.