‘Over the Border’ by Will Sumner, Age 14, Year 9, Fallibroome Academy

There once was a boy called Alejandro.

He loved football and wanted to turn pro.

His parents told him to follow his dreams.

He was playing in Mexico city academy. He was the young ronaldo. He was offered a trial to go to the USA to play for Atlanta United but there was a problem, he didn’t have a passport. His family was so poor he couldn’t afford one so his only option was to enter illegally. He knew it was dangerous but he had to, he wanted to follow his dreams. April 2nd 1997, Alejandro was ready to hop the border. He got his things together and started his journey. Through treacherous paths high and low he put in the effort to pursue his dreams. Border patrol were roaming around protecting the big economy merchants , USA. He was terrified and was shaking in his boots but it will be worth it. “HEY!” Shouted the guard. Alejandro was so terrified he had 99 pace and acceleration to jump the 20ft wall. Dirt whirling through the wind, blocking his vision but nothing could stop him. After a fierce chase he reached the USA. Finally his dream came true, his dream was real, it was in his hands. He travelled to Atlanta and made the team. January 15th 2003, He turned 18 and made his first appearance in the MLS. At a press conference he gave a shout out to his parents and told children if they have a dream, chase it and dont stop. And that was the story of Alejandro.