‘Over the Border’ by Tanishka Goel, Year 10, Wolverhampton Girls’ High School

Freedom is only a step away, 

Yet Fear blocks this path.

It is only a metal fence in the way,

But this one step calls upon Wrath.

Just by placing one foot ahead,

Persecution arrives at the door.

The muddy ground turns blood red,

And the people who dared are no more.

The enemy seems to spy from the stone,

For the people who try to flee

Force themselves to believe that they’re alone,

Only, the guns never fail to see.

And thus, they fall one by one,

As if Fate had always wanted them to.

They are told that one survives if they run,

But of course, false hope, is nothing new.

A simple cure for the heartache of death-

To offer condolences and apologise too much.

For it was one step, and only one breath,

But even still, it turned out as such.

Though we may be content with our lives,

And everything feels controllable, in order,

Others may be trapped in a chamber of knives,

And others shot down for going over a border.