‘Over the Border’ by Oscar, Year 9, Bury St Edmunds County High School

I threw myself onto the floor Inever wanted to get up one shot at promoting my friends, family and fans. I had let them down. They'd done their part raising me driving me to practise supporting me and I had one job.Why me.I Would rather be anyone else but me.

I didn't believe it I had done it a wave of emotion , I wanted to cry, laugh ,scream.I had scored the winning goal bringing is to promotion my teammates ran towards me the crowd roared 

I Went straight home. I just wanted to leave today behind. It was my fault. It was all my fault what had I done? I tried to drown out the feeling of failure and drink away the taste of loss.

I Never wanted this feeling to end the admiration from others I Had done it .Me. I had scored the winning goal every footballer's dream I didn't want to sleep afraid I would wake up and find it was all a dream 

I never wanted to feel this way again. I never wanted to play again if it meant I would never feel this again. My life changed forever.

I wonder how it would have felt to lose to be that sucker goalie it could have been us .it could have been us

I wonder how it felt to have won so close to victory we were it could have been us . it could have been us.