‘Over the Border’ by Noja Sieja, Age 15

Silence, nothing but silence.

The iridescent white room was painful to look at.

Unbroken ticks of a clock, eyes locked on it as each second passes by

dreading the nothingness.


A winged Butterfly.

Gracing us with Its presence, illuminating the sombre mood

It’s blue wings piercing the air ever so peacefully.

Once it settles, it’s hard to keep eyes off of it.


It’s delicate body perched upon the windowsill

where its flimsy wings expose

the unarmoured exoskeleton

Wouldn’t it be great to be so free?


Yet God was cruel,

Who knew what stage of life

the butterfly

was already at.


A small body,

with wings so powerful to lift itself up

and fly wherever nature decided

its path was for that day.


It’s scales arranged in a beautiful pattern,

Unique to each and every animal.

Nobody could beat

it’s designed beauty .


Speckles of green splattered on the wings

like an Iris, every colour glistened

as the sunlight’s gleam highlighted

every eminence and tear.


I brush the back of your fragile hand

with my thumb.

As we sit here silently

waiting for what’s to come.


Sitting here

with you.

Time stood still for a moment.

The calm before the storm.


Was it hours,

Or mere second?

When the butterfly escaped the room

and you left my grasp…


Crossing the border between reality, and paradise

you looked so peaceful.

As you left me

To untie the pink, silk ribbon

of future hope.