‘Over the Border’ by Noah, Age 14, Year 9, Bury St Edmunds County High School

The rocks fell with a crash, startled guards ran in all directions, the perfect opportunity to make a break for it. We ran over the first wall but that was one many. The other walls were different as you needed springs to cross, the guards always carried a few but if you got zonai charges you could get the springs quicker, so I pulled my bow and killed some zonai soldiers and got 5 zonai charges.

After a big hike through Hyrule I found the zonai capsule dispenser in Kakariko village. I hastily dropped in the zonai charges and got 3 springs, 2 fans and 4 portable pots. I drank a speed 3 elixir and was off at 3 times the speed back to the many walls around Hyrule, I fused the springs to my 3 pot lids that mother had given me.

I shield surfed which made me clear both walls, however a Hinox saw me and chucked some TNT barrels at me but I used rewind at sent the barrels back at the Hinox instead killing him and Master Koga in the process, but an Electric Keese hit me andI lost my remaining pot lids.

Then Yenobo blasted into the crumbling walls and broke a big hole into all the walls. I went through all the walls but when I got there I realised that I went the wrong way and not a second later the Guard repaired the walls.

A moment later I realised that a Steward construct gave me some rockets which I activated and I flew off into the distance never to be seen again.