‘Over the Border’ by Natan

6:35 am I landed on mars after 4 years and 2 months. And as I took my first step outside, I could see the vast empty barren terrain. I couldnt smell anything through my mask but my own sweaty smell. The sky completely dead grey and nothing else to it. And complete silence apart from the thumps when id take a step with my heavy bulky shoes. It really seemed like there wasnt much to this planet we called mars or so thats what we thought.

7:00 am I decided the best option we had  would have to be to venture out through these barren lands and thats what i did. I walked for what seemed like hours climbing the same looking hills another after another i really started to lose all hope 8:00 am i started to head back i already finished the samples i was told to take and didnt have much else to do apart from being as curious as i was, I thought it was pretty much over but then a slow ringing sound in the distance but i thought it was nothing. But then. I slowly started to build a feeling of being watched and the paranoia started kicking in. I swung my head left and right and behind. And in the corner of my eye. Something. Something appeared out of the sky.

I started to panic not knowing what to do. WHat could it be? And so I ran. MY bulky old suit is not helping at all but making it harder. And as I turned around I saw this thing soaring through the sky going right at me. And then an explosion went off knocking me off my feet but I was alive. And as I stood up I could see only smoke. How did I survive?