‘Over the Border – A Refugee’s Journey ‘ by Noah

In lands of bitterness, where shadows grow, where hope is far and sadness flows, across the border, dreams are made, guided by stars in the night.


In Ukraine’s heart, a tale is brewed, of souls displaced in stories untold, trying to find comfort from war’s fury, they long for freedom’s healing path.


Over the border, they tread with care, leaving behind their homes, their footsteps on foreign soil, hearts weighted with confusion.


Over the border, they find a home, where compassion blooms, no longer alone, kindness opens its wide embrace, demolishing borders, leaving no trace.


Let’s bridge the gaps, erase the divide, embrace the weary, standing by their side, for over the border, hope shall prevail, as humanity’s heart finds strength to sail.

So let us welcome those who are lost, from distant lands, searching for a new home, for in their struggle, we shall see, that compassion and love will set us free.