‘Over the Border’ by Mia

I was getting my camera ready for this journey, I was getting ready for a photography trip . I had to find something interesting for the paper. I got the car ready and off I went . It was early in the morning, the roads were icey i had the radio on and all there was rubbish being spoken ‘bing’ . My fuel light came on luckily there was a gas station close, a few more minutes passed and I made it well  barely got there but i made it.

I got out of my car and put some gas in i went in the shop “hello”  a man said, “hi” i replied “that is $5” he said with a smile i put the cash on he desk and was about to leave when “hey did you hear about the mountain lion and her cub?” he said with a gin

“No i haven’t” this could be a good photo for the paper well they have been roaming around lately “he said” where can you find them?” i said “well” he pointed at the rocky mountain “ up there” he said “ they’re not called mountain lions for no reason” he laughs that mountain looked impossible to climb up but i was still going to have a look i grabbed my change and left.