‘Over the Border’ by Max

In my opinion, I think that the border would link to the north korean border as it is highly dangerous and full of military and armed forces.

North Korea is located in East Asia in the Northern half of Korea, partially on the Korean Peninsula. It borders three countries that are China along the Yalu (Amnok) River, Russia along the Tumen River, and South Korea to the south. It is very strict on its economy and its freedom in the country. Millions each year try to escape the huge border of North Korea but nearly every time the victim suffers a brutal death. People mostly want to leave North Korea because of how corrupt and selfish the government is. You have to pray to kim jong un everyday and have no other choice otherwise face a death penalty. Kim john un restricts Koreans on what they can watch, what they can listen to, what they read and what they can see!me personally, it sounds very unfair and cruel to treat local citizens to have no freedom in their lives. Apparently, idf your house was on fire for example, you would have to put pictures of North Korea’s leaders first before everything you love, have or own. It simply just sounds terrifying to live there and represent them.

There was a survivor from North Korea who escaped the border and was nearly killed. He was sick and tired of the country being cruel and despicable to their citizens and wanted a change in his life. He decided to try and plan an escape to reach south korea and be free. He suffered tens of brutal injuries and gunshots before he survived .The border is a whopping 250 kilometres long and 4 kilometres wide! It sounds completely impossible but one man survived it.