‘Over the Border’ by Malakai Mcleod, Age 14, Bury St Edmunds

Rotting buildings and crumbling skyscrapers crashed into the ground. Thick smoke masked the sky making it seem as though it was dusk. Lungs polluted the air with toxic fumes, floating in the atmosphere. I coughed out a bloody mess into my raggedy handkerchief. I kept it under my sleeve.

The sound of car alarms made my head  throb as if mine were going off in my skull. Windows shattering from pure heat of the fire and the crackling bits of timber. No other human life seemed to be scavenging and the whole city was completely abandoned. Left to decay. Lifeless.

I stood on some rubble high up in a tower observing the corroding city. Vehicles flipped and bursting in flames. As I looked through my binoculars I saw dead squirrels and I gasped at the sight of the remains of a mangled human body as a result of a car collision. Its left foot bent backwards and its left lower arm severed. I stopped looking through the  binoculars and gazed at the horizon feeling sick to the stomach.