‘Over the Border’ by Maddy Hulme

Should they be allowed in?

If illegal immigrants are allowed, they will take other jobs and may even overpopulate the country. They continue to try to enter and it should be stopped for good unless they really need to for a good enough reason. They leave America with nothing if we let them in. personally, I think that they should not be let in. this is because they will take Americas income down and take over plus Mexico is a rough country and they are violent so crime rate would go up by a mile which doesn’t look good for America as a country. For some, immigrants also represent an economic threat to the overall well-being of the U.S. economy. Here, the perception is that immigrants place strains on jobs, resources, housing, and disproportionately benefit from social welfare programs. Thinking about immigrants generally, 49% of Americans say they strengthen the country because of their hard work and talents, while 41% say they are a burden because they take jobs, health care and housing. In a June 2010 poll, 39% said immigrants strengthened the country while 50% said they were a burden. Majorities of all major religious groups say there should be a way for immigrants who are currently in the U.S. illegally and who meet certain requirements to stay in the country. For the most part, those who favour legal status for illegal immigrants say they should be allowed to apply for citizenship. Opinions among major religious groups are more divided when it comes to the impact of immigrants on the country. Other religious groups have fewer negative views of the impact of immigrants. These differences in opinions, however, are largely the result of underlying differences between religious groups in race, political ideology, party identification and other factors; after controlling for these factors, the independent impact of religion is minimal.