‘Over The Border’ by Lizzie-Marie

Borders. Such beautiful things yet bring such horrific situations and circumstances to those who have to cross them. They separate our differences whether that be race, age, ability or even the difference between life and death. Why do we need them? Is it to prevent or to create fear of things beyond this realm of life and each other? The answer isn’t definitive just like everything else there’s no certain answer. Do we tell young kids that we only exist to die or do we tell them we are here to make an impact? They will find the truth eventually but is it better to cushion life for now make everything appear equal and easy when it’s not. Shield their eyes from the true horror story of life and the constant struggles through it then the aftermath. The dizziness from spiralling thoughts, emotions and events all compacted into a very small time frame so it’s all overwhelming. Life is here to test us but it feels like it crosses a border sometimes and takes problems too far for humanity to cope with. These could be global or just 1 person’s head however it’s still too much.

Everyday questions could have such deeper meanings crossing borders of thought and overlapping ideas, some could change you forever, others just a day but what’s too far? What is our purpose on earth? Why do we need borders? What happens if we cross them? Is there a way to live forever? Can I predict how long I will be here? What comes after life? What is hell? What am I meant to believe? We all think these at some point through are lives unsure whether we can make it thru this or not whether anyone has the capability for this. The answer is always multiple choice. You have multiple religions that will tell you what they think comes after this mess called life but how do we know what’s true because there are so many opinions. Is science true because some of it just seems to be make believe or seems impossible and we don’t have much proof to say otherwise.

Borders are here to create these questions in our head to test us but also to help us choose what we want to believe but soon enough everyone has to cross the border whether you dread it or look forward to it. Whoever crosses goes for a reason could have been their choice could have not been. We don’t know for sure and we can only guess what comes next or make up our own dreams to help soften the blow. None of this helps answer what we tell the young children that we have to mould into adults because they could suffer the worst pain in life or none at all we could prepare them for it in case but that could be seen as too blunt, crossing the border of their tiny, innocent minds that can’t cope. Borders.