‘Over the Border ..’ by Lily Mealand, Year 9, Fallibroome Academy

“It’s difficult to try and travel over the borders of many countries, especially without a VISA.” she mumbled as dad drove slowly up the road leading up to the frontier of Mexico. We had all our things shoved under these holes cut into the seat that dad made us cut out a few weeks back, since then we have hidden a stash of chocolate under there.

We started approaching the perimeter of Mexico, it was finally time to begin the American Dream; my abuela told me it was impossible to live the perfect life there, but it didn’t stop mum and dad from trying. I was gushing to Maria about what we could do in America but mum quickly hushed us. She put clothes and luggage on top of us and told us to remain quiet as we neared the border. I heard voices. Strong american accents, perhaps from Texas. I glanced at Maria who seemed to be just as thrilled as me.

We had been under there for a while, perhaps 30 minutes or so, I began to sweat. Maria had fallen asleep by now, her head resting on the battered up door of our car, I leaned back wiping the sweat that trickled down my forehead off with my arm. I heard the door open and then shut, then it was silent. I didn’t dare move a muscle. What was going on? Maria hadn’t seemed to stir. I began to rethink what abuela had said: what if she meant it was impossible to live a perfect life in america because you couldn’t even make it into the country? I shook the thought off, I lifted up a piece of clothing that covered my face, by now it was drenched in my own sweat and a repulsive smell drifted around the car. I sat up. No one was around. Carefully, I removed the bag covering Maria’s face, she woke up startled. “Where’s mum?” she yawned, sitting up. “What’s wrong?” she asked, “You look like you’ve seen a ghost..”. I ignored her question, looking around out of the car, watching mum and dad being escorted in handcuffs back to Mexico in the coppers car. That’s when I realised what was really going on, Maria began to sob as she noticed too.I stared at all the immigrants speeding by us heading into my dream and my future.