‘Over the Border’ by Lathushan Chandrakumar, Year 9, St Olaves Grammar School

Beyond the land we know so well,

Where rolling hills and stories dwell,

Lies a realm of mystery and grace,

A distant land, a different space.


Over the border, dreams unfold,

Where tales of old and new are told,

A canvas painted with colors bright,

A tapestry woven with starry light.


Journey forth, adventurous soul,

Through valleys deep and mountains bold,

Cross the line that separates,

And enter a world that captivates.


In this foreign realm, cultures blend,

As strangers meet and hearts befriend,

Language may differ, but hearts connect,

Through kindness and love, we interject.


Over the border, a journey begins,

Where bridges formed from hopeful grins,

Bridge the gaps, heal the divide,

Embrace the diversity far and wide.


Explore the sights, taste the cuisine,

Celebrate life, in the in-between,

For borders are but lines on a map,

Humanity’s connection, a universal rap.

From North to South, from East to West,

Over the border, we are guests,

Learning from each other’s ways,

Enriched by the memories that time conveys.

Yet, let us remember, as we roam,

To cherish this world as our true home,

For over the border, and near or far,

We’re all united, beneath the same star.


So let us dance with open hearts,

And let compassion play its part,

Over the border, together we stand,

Hand in hand, a united band.