‘Over the Border’ by Kayla Garrett, Age 14, Year 9, Fallibroome Academy

My name is Natalie,when I was little I got separated from my family due to our different beliefs in the house. I always found this quite emotional because I have never seen my family since. I got taken away and put in foster care at 7 years old. It was so scary, I just wanted to be with my family.

I am now 24 years old, I work in a shop down the road from my 1 bedroom flat in mexico. I still miss my family a lot, mostly my mum, she was my biggest inspiration, we always spent time together. I wonder if they miss me as much as I miss them,are they ever gonna try and find me. I was so determined to try and see them again, even though it would be illegal, I just want to see my family.I would honestly do anything to just see them one more time. I knew they were back in America because that’s where our last time together was, they said they were not ever gonna move and told me to stay in contact with them. Although I speak to my mum over the phone, it’s not the same, I just need to see her in real life one last time.

On the 27th May 2016, I was so determined to reunite with them, I just had to see them. I tried to use my city map to see if i could find my way to the border, i told my mum to just meet me there if she could, she might not be able to , she cant leave the kids.

After hours and hours of exhaustion, walking, mental blocks, I could see the border in the dirty mist ahead. My heart rose to my throat, I was scared to face the soldiers. This is what I have been dreading the whole way, what if they would let me near? What if this was all for nothing? I knew i couldn’t give up now, i have made it this far and this is my only chance of seeing her. She’s always working so hard, home and work, she will do anything to make her kids happy. I was so nervous to see her, if i could get the chance.

I made it, a few more strides away, i could see the dirty wires and bars. The soldiers were staring right at me.Police started running towards me? Was this the end? Could I really never see them again?