‘Over the Border’ by Jacob

Should We Allow Them In: Illegal immigrant trying to get into our country

Illegal immigrants are trying to get into our country nonstop. In my opinion I think that they shouldn’t be allowed to be accepted into our country of America unless they have permission or do have a valid reason that turns out to be true. Mexicans mostly are the fault for this article to be made because they are most of the immigrants trying to get out of their drug lord and poor country. Some people think that we should let them in, but we are to be overpopulated and we don’t won’t want our country losing its amazing reputation, making us lose a load of our money.

It I disgraceful we have already let in 10.8 million of these illegal immigrants and I think we should top. I think we should expand our border control, so we have people sneaking in between our points making it impossible for people to get in without going through our border control then getting rejected. We should also move some of our army into Mexico and try and take down these people who are sorting people with fake ids which then the Mexicans try to use to get into our country of stars and stripes. The greatest impact of Mexican immigration, though, may be its contribution to the growing Latin American influence on the everyday life of all Americans. Government projections show that, by the next two generations, more than 25 percent of the U.S. population will be of Latin American origin.

This immigration is going to make the drug trade in America worse because it already is bad, but it is going to get worse if the Mexicans come in as they are commonly known for their drug wars which cause the Mexicans swat team to come in and must kill some of their own people because they would either run away or try not to get arrested because they are dealing with drugs. Mexican immigration to the United States encourages increased trade and investment, enhancing prosperity in both countries. Through war, treaties and land purchases roughly 100,000 Mexicans came under the jurisdiction of the U.S. In what had been their own land, these new American citizens faced racial discrimination including loss of property, low wages and even lynching.