‘Over the Border’ by Harliv

“Mind your roses!” said the lady one day,

When a thorn ran past her face

“They’re attacking my dahlias!” She shouted.

“Get them out of my space!”


“My apologies, ma’am” my mouth works

As I take in the carnage before me,

Our roses have trampled her flowers,

And there are no more left to see.


The lady pointed vehemently,

At something behind the green

“Your ruddy fence is broken,

That’s what’s caused this scene.”


I apologize profusely,

And head back inside

Tomorrow I’ll repair the fence,

And bring the roses to side.


But as soon as the sun awoke,

What a sight greeted our eyes!

The lady is in our garden,

Bringing us trays of pies!


“I am truly sorry for being rude,

The dahlias will be fine!

I’ve brought these pies to cheer us up

While we fix this fence of pine!”


Together we rebuild the fence anew

Stronger than it was before,

Just like the bond between us now

Which will last forevermore.