‘Over the Border’ by Evie Stoermer

Destroyed cities,
Broken to pieces,
Shells of homes,
The fire never ceases,

Run, run,
As fast as you can,
To escape the havoc,
Brought upon by man.

Underground, hiding,
Away from the terror,
Bunk after bunk,
All packed together,

Run, run,
Away from here,
To escape the destruction,
And all of the fear.

Everyone wishes,
To get out of this place,
In a foreign country,
A fresh new face,

Run, run,
If only we could,
To escape the war,
As we should.

No space for us,
In these peaceful havens,
Where guns don’t fire,
Where war isn’t raging,

Run, run,
We have to sail the water,
To escape this wreck,
To get over the border.