‘Over the Border!’ by Evie Cooke, Age 14, Year 9, Soham Village College

Over the border, is where any refugee wants to be to become free.
No more threats! Freedom. That’s what anyone would want. Away
from war, threats or aggression. At the end of the day, can anyone be free?

Over the border. Long journeys in the burning, hot sun. risking
your life, just to be able to reach the border. Is it worth it in the

Taken away from society. Treated like a criminal. Freedom ripped
away. Thinking ’is this what safety is?’. Separated from love ones.
Banished to the darkness, no light coming through. Thinking
’soon I’ll be free’, right? Detained in a cell. Waiting.

The sound of screams of fellow foes. All here for a reason. The
thing we told we would be when we would arrived. Free. Safe. Instead, in caged, like we are animals in a zoo, separated from the
public. ’Are we safe?’

Range of people, different sex and age. All from different backgrounds.


Over the border, running from nightmares, for safety.