‘Over the Border’ by Ethan, Year 9, Nottingham University Samworth Academy

-Day one

Subject No.1

To those reading this report, today and many days to come we are experimenting and documenting borders, whether it’s physical, mental or even territorial. The first test we’ll be examining the border of fear within a rat. To do this we are putting it in an enclosed room with a snake. subject No.1 condition: deceased

-Day 2

Subject No.2

Today the rat will be placed with its children to see if its motherly properties change its border with fear. As expected the rat fought harder for its children with next to no fear present.

-Day 14

Subject No.15

Information about borders is lower than anticipated, how ironic that i hit a border to my knowledge. I need to take more drastic measures to keep the flow of intel up. Perhaps a larger specimen to test on.

-Day 15

Subject No.16

As stated i have taken more drastic measures with some… volunteers.

However today we are testing physical borders of pain.

To do this you need to

-rip of toe/finger nails so they don’t go into shock

– sting with a variety of insects

-give pain enhancers

Doing this will also test their mental border as well as physical.

However doing this will drive them to insanity.

Subject No.16 condition:

-physically alive -mentally deceased

-Day 23:

Subject No.20

Today i am testing the physical border.

To do this i have put them on a treadmill to see how far they run.

For some extra motivation i have decided to threaten them… with death. So if they stop they will die.

-Day 25:

Subject No.20

Today they have stopped running. It seems that 43 hours and 21 minutes is the border subject No.20 condition: deceased

-Day 30

Subject No.20

No more subjects left. No more than 2 hours of sleep. No more ways to carry on. I have an idea but it has a 97% chance to be fatal.

-Day 31 Subject No.21

-Day 32

Subject No.21

It’s been 2 days since i started testing my own borders, mental, physical, hell i’m even testing the most renowned border, the border between life and death. I don’t think I’ll last until the end of day 3.

-Day 33

Subject no.21 condition: deceased