‘Over the Border’ by Edith, Age 13

I stared at the border from the plane. There was the border from Indonesia to Australia. I was on a “tour” all around the world.. So I thought.

It was around 5:30 am As we landed in Melbourne airport  I got my visa and passport ready to show. I slowly headed to security grasping my hand luggage. Something seemed off. I went through security and everything got checked and it was ok. The rest of the group behind me were made to stand at the side. “Oh no” whispered the tour guide, loud enough so I could hear it. Her face went pale, she looked as if she had seen a ghost. “Mrs neve Thomas, you’re coming with me.” security took her away. I stood there, confused. She told us her name was rebbecca Smith, not Neve Thomas. I followed her and security into a dull-looking room in the back. “ Wait here.” security said. A couple minutes had passed, then the police arrived. I sat there wondering what was going on, did I do something wrong?