‘Over the Border’ by Dougie Forrington

There was once a 22 year old man called Jalapeno named after the very attractive vegetable, jalapeno. He was stuck in mexico. Jalapeno really wants to leave Mexico because he does not have a passport. Jalapeno was on the verge of killing himself, but he came up with a genius. He was going to sneak across the Mexican border. Jalapeno had two friends called cabbage and parsnip. Together they were going to escape but first they needed a plan.

They were going to throw an improvised grapple they had created and climb over the border. They also needed a metal detector so they could find any mines hiding under the grass. They were ready, Jalapeno took the lead with the other two following behind. They had crossed the minefield and were on to the border. They had picked the place with the least sentry activity and they started climbing over unnoticed.

As they reached the top, a guard spotted them. They opened fire, but their gun was suppressed so no one noticed the havoc on going. Cabbage snuck around the guard and knocked him out. They had successfully crossed, practically unnoticed and they ran free.