‘Over the Border’ by Divine Abioye, Year 9

I was asleep when everything started but when I did wake up I heard a bang then a crash then people started screaming, shouting “Protect the children! Run away!”.  Those words… It was all happening again. Another war.

I already know what to pack, the important things. I wake up my other siblings then go to my parents’ room but they were already up, packing. They were so calm; how could they be so calm! “when are we leaving?” I said with a worrisome tone. She looked at me and she looked numb “Soon”.

I left their room and started to organise my siblings bags. My younger sister tugged on mu top and asked me what was happening. The look of worry and sadness in her face nearly made me cry. I told her that we were going on a little trip away from home, that helped to calm her down but it wasn’t enough because when we were done packing and started walking away from the area she started crying. I had to carry her the rest of the way there.

Our first day was over and we needed to set up for the night. We found a nice area and put our bags behind our heads and laid on the ground. We got woken up by a shouting voice, it was our leader that was showing us the way. We always leave really early in the morning so we can get there quicker.

The second third and forth day went really quickly and we were at the border. Tears of happiness and a relieved sigh came out. We waited by the door and when it opened we showed our passports to the guard at the front. He was more understanding that the ones I’ve encounted in the past.

When we actually got to our refugee camp, we were served with blankets food and drink and a tent.

This was our new home until things change.