‘Over the Border’ by Cynthia Sherry, Year 9

It is a place you cannot see; a place you cannot hear. The whispers only travel through the stealthy shadows. The silence creeps its fingers around you without any warning. If you could save the ones you love from those fingers, maybe you could stop them from choking the light from their eyes, the desperation from your shreds of hope. Some say it happens quickly; this is the better of the two. If your fate ends slowly, it could only be of pain. Torture. Nature cruelly turns its back on you, the last shreds of your hope burning into ashes. The ashes you can only see beyond The Border.

It is a veil that you either beg to be welcomed or run in fear. If you welcome it, you are deemed a symbol of bravery. Only those who run truly know the cowardice behind your mask. Because the ones that welcome this veil run from life. And who can blame them? The lies, the cheats and the gamblers of life’s games are all to be dreaded, but the ones who play are the true symbols of bravery. When they take your family and they take your friends, that love has crossed The Border and it won’t come back. Unless you pursue your remedy of grief. Unless you cross The Border too.

It’s not an easy task. No, definitely not. It’s beyond any trial that tests your strength. It’s a mental game. A fight to act fearless or to truthfully be fearless. Acting is the easier option. So, you act your way through nature’s innocent eyes. That in itself is punishing. But once you play your own game on life, the deal has been broken. The bond between light and darkness, sane to insane, demolished. This world cannot define the longingness for a reassuring promise. Because your game has ended. You didn’t think you were the first to cross your fingers on nature, did you? Her creation has started since the world was born, and she has seen many players like you. Especially the players that act their way through. But she congrats you nonetheless, as she does to every contestant. The finishing line. Or should I say The Border? You see when you cheat nature you betray her trust, and her revenge is the most destructive power that could ever ruin you. The Border. The bridge between the living and the dead.

The harbour of safety. Gone forever. All that is left is to be engulfed blindly by these fingers that guide you toward the darkness; the silence. Aimlessly searching for the ones you love in this infinite maze of despair. Your heartbeat is cold, but the pain is unbearable. This is the border we all dread to cross over. The welcoming hands of death. Nature cruelly turned its back on you, the last shreds of your hope burning into ashes. The ashes you can only see beyond the living. The fires that burn, over The Border.