‘Over The Border’ by Chloe

Through thick and thin

Wrong and right

We all struggle

Some roaming the night


We need to try and understand

The true issues we have at hand

The way we are taught to treat

The consequences; now some don’t eat


We fight and fight but to what cause

Nothing is worth the pain and loss

People’s lives are at stake

Peoples futures are yet to bake


Lives are ruined. people flee

Some so desperate for life, they climb a tree

They hide in camps, waiting for something



They wait

No-one comes.


Hope still stands

There strong

There futures in your hands

If u assist you won’t have to wait long

They pass the time by singing a song


You need to do your part

And try mend their broken hearts

They need hope there running out

I think we both get what this is about





Elderly people

All waiting for a kind soul

They must cross the border

Sun, rain or snow

What they really need is a comfy home

Their families they don’t know if they roam

Hope is something they must keep

Or they lye a mess in a broken heap


Why is war what we choose

Conflict and pain how is that your muse

All they do is damage and die

Nobody really knows how much they cry


Safety is something they lack

All they want is not someone behind their back

They need you by their side

Pushing them up filling with pride

It’s not hard what you need to do

It’s hard what they go through


Don’t be that guy to leave and kill

Be the guy who saves them from ill

Life is worth more than a petal

Help them now, stay and settle


You may even find a new you

Because right now they don’t know what to do

Think of the smiles, the joy . the happy hearts

All you need to do is start.