‘Over the Border’ by Casey

It was the night i came across the border from Portugal to Spain as a 15 year old boy who has had a bad upbring.It was the night i would never forget.My parents said i haven’t been the same since.

The night was August 18th three days before my 16th birthday and I had a mission I wanted to complete.I headed to the border just before the sun rose. I was having second thoughts on this mission, but I had made a promise to someone very important and I stuck with that promise.

Hours- had passed as I slowly carried my legs to the nearest hotel.After all the walking i needed rest and at least 6 hours sleep , so i could carry on with my journey tomorrow.

It was the next morning at 5:30am i had just about 5 hours of sleep,i was determined to finish this by tomorrow.Thinking about it now as me a traumatised 33 year old man.I remember my mum saying to me “if you really do complete this mission Marcus,i will be very proud of you” i could tell she didn’t want me to go and i really shouldn’t of.As i was walking and walking and dragging my battered and beaten shoes across the dark and damp field.