‘Over the Border’ by Anonymous

In 2020, 84.8 million people migrated to another country through the
boarders.You may believe that people should not be allowed to do this
however they affect many people negatively .It’s rather challenging as many
people have problems with trying to tackle the borders.

To move to another country, you need a passport and citizenship in the
country.Many people have to migrate due to poor living conditions,low pay and
binge split from family.As many people could understand, it is hard to live
somewhere that is unsafe or far away from family.A common place people
migrate from is Mexico as the living conditions are so poor and pay is little and
many of them are cut of from family members.In Mexico many people believe
that american has much higher living standards then Mexico and people
commonly leave in hopes of a better life.

People will try very hard to migrate from mexico and due to the unsafety of the
country they are willing to go as far as they can to try and willing to give up
anything.Usually it takes 1 and a half to 3 years to migrate to mexico but many
are willing to sacrifice their time and device their life to escaping.more than 11
percent of mexican citizens migrate legally or illegally to America (10.9 million
people).Sometimes they go as far as cutting holes in cars and hiding them in car
seats etcetera.Many people climb over fences and try to make a run for it in hopes
they dont get caught.

Another places that is commonly migrated is North Korea .This is a very hard place
to escape and many fall unsuccessful.It is almost impossible to escape and if you
are willing to risk your life to be free then that is what you will have to do.Many
people have been jailed or killed due to trying to escape the heavily armed
boareders.Lots of people try to escape as of very poor conditions and living
rules.Very few have managed to migrate to surrounding countries and evan to travel
into the country they are very strict .Only certain trusted people are allowed to leave
so they are left with no choice but to jump the boarders