‘Over the Border’ by Anonymous

Over the Border
We try not to think about it
Every day is another day
closer to crossing the Border

Mothers and Fathers
Friends and relatives
They don’t stay forever
They all cross the Border
And so will you
It creeps up on you
Like shadows in the night
Swallows you whole
And before you know it
You have crossed the Border.

“Take opportunities!” they tell us
“Do what makes you happy!”
“Don’t waste your time!”
They use gentle words
To mask what lies beneath
Death will get to everybody
Even you
When you cross the Border

But fear is pointless
The growing knot twisting in your stomach
It won’t help you
You’ll still cross the Border
What people fail to tell you is that
You don’t have to live forever
You just have to live
Before you cross the Border.