‘Over the Border’ by Anonymous, Age 14

Walking down the ancient stone walkway, the rough, penetrating stone walls guiding me. The plants tickle at my feet as I continue walking and taking in my surroundings. The open  fields welcome me, beckoning me to explore within. The wind blowing the tree branches, making them dance in the distance gracefully. The sweet scent of freshly cut grass fills my lungs, while the small forgotten stones crunch against each other under my feet. All of the nature crafted to lead up to the large house at the bottom of the stone path, the border keeping me tucked away from any distractions.

The fresh smell of bread fills the house and can be smelt from the top of the pebble-covered driveway. The slanted roof revealing its old age and ancient history. The driveway empty all except a old time bicycle tucked away behind a bramble bush. Uneven windows fill the house, showcasing the interior while also giving the blazing sun the opportunity to fill the walls with colour. The yellowing bricks complimenting the bright, vibrant greenery surrounding the property. The pretty, full of life trees blooming with pride every season, showing off their spirited leaves.