‘No Control’ by Evie Clay, age 14, Soham Village College

I hate my life. You never know when you will die, it could even be today. You
never know around here, you just don’t. Someone I know will die today, it
could even be me.

We live in overpopulated Earth, everyone is poor, everyone lives in fear. I have
learnt to live with that. The government has tried everything they can to
reduce the population and nothing has worked, until they decided to go with
more extreme measures. People from every town, village and city will die
today. In the fighting ring.

Let me tell you how this works. One hundred people from fourteen to twenty
five from Barbaysha are picked everyday to fight to the death, only fifty will
survive. To make it interesting, if you win you get all of the loser’s income. This
made people more willing to do this barbaric thing. Personally, I don’t see the

The choosing is in two hours. This is the part everyone dreads but come on,
there is only a two percent chance of being picked. That’s why I have never
trained for something like this, the thought of killing someone chills me to the
very bone.

Two hours later…

The time has come. Everyone was standing as still as statues in the town
square, they didn’t even dare to blink. Then the mayor reluctantly walked onto
the platform. He looked like he was fed up with this by now but who could
blame him he does this everyday. Everyone hates him as he is almost sending
everyone off to their deaths. To be honest, they have a point.

As soon as he started talking, no one dared to move, they were too scared.
He slowly placed his hand into the bowl of death and picked up two unlucky
people’s names. If he calls my name I am screwed, I will definitely die for sure.

“Kade Evans.”
Just my luck.