‘Never Let Go’ by Deborah Akinrefon, Age 14, Thomas Clarkson Academy

Alfie and Harpreet were lovers, who were devoted to each other. The fact that they were geographically separated by a border and resided in separate countries, made it difficult for them to be together. They worked relentlessly to overcome the hurdles, they were determined to remain together, despite the obstacles. The numerous challenges and barriers they endured on the journey brought them a great deal of psychological distress. They struggled with the barriers of language, their long-distance relationship, and the cultural disparities. Conversely, nothing could prevent their devotion from intensifying each day.

They stumbled upon the most difficult obstacle. Yet, they continued to persevere in defeating their challenges. They were prohibited to cross without valid documents because the physical borders connecting their countries became more stringent. They made every effort imaginable to obtain the necessary documentation, but it proved to be impossible. Weeks evolved into months as days shifted into weeks. Their love started to dwindle as they lost hope. They were both tired and frustrated, they started to question whether their love was truly worth it. Nevertheless, Harpreet continued to uphold her fighting spirit.

As time passed, a friendly stranger unexpectedly came to up to them and offered to assist. The stranger was moved by their vibrant love and was inspired by it. He was also reminded of his over half by the burning, booming light that captivated his gaze. He worked diligently to bring them back together, where they belong. He presented them with the appropriate documents and facilitated them in crossing the border. Alfie and Harpreet were ecstatic and incredibly appreciative of the stranger’s kindness.

When they were finally reunited, they gazed into each other’s eyes and reminisced their lost time, while offering each other a warm embrace that felt as tight as a bandage wrapping a gushing wound. As they recognised that their devotion had prevailed, tears of relief spilled down their faces. Alfie wailed,” I adore you ever so much, I’ll never let go again”. From that day on, they prospered, not allowing anything to stand in their way and savouring every second they had together. They had become conscious that they would go through challenges in the future but their love had proven to be stronger than any hurdle. “Thank you,” Harpreet said gratefully.

The deserving duo show us that love is an inexhaustible power that can cross any barrier. The moral of the narrative is the value of determination, resilience, and the goodness of strangers. When we find romance, we ought to hold on to it strongly and never let go, because it is unquestionably worth the battle to find it. The love between Harpreet and Alfie is an adorable representation of the endurance of the human spirit. It fosters us to keep pressing forward in the face of adversity and to never give up on our goals. Anything is attainable with love and the genuine generosity of others.