‘Lost in Space’ by King

3 minutes. That’s all that’s left for me. I always wanted to go on a space walk, but I never thought it would be on the brink of my death.

2 minutes. It was the day before our holiday. Although they opened the moon up to the public  many people still couldn’t afford it. The only way you could really get close was a ‘space cruise’. Even if you couldn’t afford to get off at the moon you still got to enjoy 8 days in space.

1 minute. I remember asking about what we could do when we got on the cruise. My Dad said “sleep”, but my Mum nagged at him about how he’s slept so much before we even got ready for the cruise. When we got on the cruise I could see it all: a waterpark, rollercoasters and so much more. It was like a portable town! It looked like you could be there for years and still not be bored!

30 seconds. On the 3rd day my parents were arguing. I wanted to have fun so I decided to sneak out while they weren’t looking and go for a space walk.I waited for 15 minutes when they brought me and a group with a baby in. The space walk company had special suits just for baby’s. Remember seeing nebulas and everything in space. They even talked about the first man on the moon! When we were taking off our suits the baby was wailing. Wanting to go on longer and longer. While its arms were flapping around it had opened the airlock. I was lucky enough to put my helmet back on but not for the rest of the now purple skinned group. When the void of space was dragging us back into it I had cut my self on the side of the metal door. Now I had 30 seconds, and I could still see my parents arguing .The last thing I’m going to see is my parents arguing.

5 seconds. No. I don’t want to see my parents arguing as the last thing i’ll see. The moon is beautiful. My Dad always likes to tell me how we went “over the border of space travel” and now i see it. But the other side just isn’t safe.