‘Listen to me…’ by Jeeva Piratheepan, Featherstone High School

The school loomed like a fortress, its impressive structure casting shadows over the trembling students. As the class rose from their seats, mistaking their motionlessness for a routine lockdown procedure.

Despite the eerie, deafening silence, vibrations thrummed in the distance, a haunting melody that sent shivers down my spine.

It wasn’t the familiar hum of lockdown drills; this vibration was different, more sinister, unsettling. Desks lay abandoned, textbooks strewn across the floor, traces of a disorderly evacuation. Laughter and chatter, the defining sounds of our school days, had faded into an eerie silence.

Bloody students, their ears dripping with scarlet blood, patrolled the corridors, a silent testament to the horrors lurking within. I pressed against the cold metal of lockers, my heart raced like a wild beast.

In the midst of despair, a spark of hope emerged as Levi appeared by my side. Relief washed over me at the sight of him, scars marked into his skin like battle wounds. Using sign language, our silent communication became a beacon of hope amidst the surrounding darkness. With a nod, we embarked on our precarious journey.

Through dimly lit corridors, our footsteps echoed off the walls, each sound a reminder of the danger lurking in the shadows. A blood-curdling scream pierced the silence, freezing us in our tracks. Levi’s grip tightened around my hand, his eyes scanning the darkness for any sign of movement. With cautious steps, we ventured onward and heightened our senses.

Emerging from the tortures of school, we entered the wide territory of the forest. Ancient trees stretched towards the heavens, their branches casting haunting shadows against the moonlit sky. Whispering secrets of a forgotten world, the forest beckoned us deeper, leading us towards a hidden chamber steeped in mystery and bloodshed.

As we ventured deeper into the heart of the forest, the air grew heavy with the scent of earth and decay, mingling with the faint essence of magic. The chamber, bathed in a sublime glow, seemed to pulsate with ancient energy, its walls adorned with strange symbols. With trembling hands, we approached the threshold, ready to unlock the secrets that lay within.

But our moment of triumph was temporary as a low rumble reverberated through the chamber of impending doom. The evil melody returned, its malevolent vibrations threatening to consume us once more. With determination burning in his eyes, Levi reached for his headphones, steeling himself for the battle ahead.

“We can do this, together.” he signed, his hands steady despite the tremors that shook our world.

With renewed resolve, we ventured forth, the promise of the chamber and the power it held driving us ever forward into the heart of darkness.