‘Life with ratings’ by Summer Bird, Year 9, Soham Village College

Every morning, I wake up and have to be perfect…No matter what you will never get a break from having to be beautiful. I got up and remembered that the night before I had kicked someone out of my friend group since nobody in the group liked her. I decided to have a look on social media so I opened my phone and I was rushed with impolite messages from everyone in my small little town. I then thought to look at my rating as everyone was messaging me about how low it is but last time i checked i was at the highest it could go. I realised why everyone was telling me that my rating was low… it had gone down to 2.5. I looked in the mirror ; I looked horrible, ugly and I was definitely not popular anymore. I started coughing, my nose started running and my face looked green. I then remembered I wasn’t going to get better until my rating went higher.

Later on, I got severely ill as I was rated lower than I was before so I decided to apologise to everyone and go out so I can be kind to people. It started with people ignoring me but I later went on to post images online and people slowly started rating me higher. This meant that others would start to talk to me and give me a better and bigger rating. Going out was hard knowing I looked unattractive but I got through it.

Suddenly, I got home, looked at my rating and realised that it went back to how it was the night before… the best it could be.