‘Last Night’ by Lydia Reeve, age 16, year 11, Wheatley Park School

It was on the eve of the vernal equinox

I was almost enjoying that one last long night but you

Practically positioned a nail below your thumb

Took your selfish stuck up hammer

And smashed it into your own grim coffin


What did you really think I would do?

Do you really not know what happens next?

The writings on the wall my love!

In your own blood, sweat and tears

Since you tried so damn hard for it


Take your trophy and drown in its splendour

Hang your arsenic medal painted gold

As I watch it slowly poison you with your own affliction

Then you’ll see me holding that very same

Glorious hammer of freedom and smashing

Shattering your corrupted porcelain house of cards

A precarious structure you told me was deathless


Look at you now my love!

You were right, actions do speak louder than words

Every sentence only twists and bruises and stabs

Flush them down with that drug you call love


Now the sun casts its light on us as it rises

Our actions can’t be undone, they burn strong

Not as feeble as words slew with your pathetic apology

Followed by your fatal underestimation of my gut