‘Last Chance’ by Madhi, Year 9

I had to… I had to.Its not my fault, the domineering society drove me out.What did they want from me…I HAD TO. It wasn’t my fault. They still went after me but my passion to leave increased as time went on. I narrowly escaped,it all started years ago, to a date I am unsure of but the situation i am certain of. I was accused of a treacherous crime and I was forced to work in a empty,lifeless baren land with no life in miles. I was always free to leave but never did I dare to leave. I always knew it wasnt my fault. It wasnt my fault. It wasnt MY fault. He told me to… they say they cant see him but I can.I can hear his raspy, hoarse voice.The voice… still here with me… even to this day. Listening to that voice is like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard. After many months,  I couldn’t take it anymore, thats when he told me to leave.To run away. I knew hours away from this sinister hell was Latvia. The loving country. The room that suspended overhead the cells had mutilated bodies hung like jungle vines that clattered against the walls creating a cacophony of piercing shrills. It sounds like the screams of those who died.

I hatched my plan.. it would consist of a very important virtue, patience. I would wait for the next bus to arrive and stealthily get my way back on the bus. It was perfect and it was time. I caught sight of the bus.. after everyone on the bus left and the driver left to light a cigarette. It was the perfect oppurtunity, i cautiously yet swiftly slithered onto the bus but a quick glance out..i saw my downfall. A guard, who watched my every move was bound to re-imprison me or even worse.. kill me. I didnt want to kill him but the voice… he told me to. I speedily rushed towards and jumped on him. He tumbled over me… I realised this was the end. With every last drop of strengh i managed to free a arm. I grabbed his throat and choked him.I kept choking him until I heard stillness.He was dead… his carcass lay still in the blazing beams of sun.

I dragged his decaying corpse under the shadows and shoved it in the dumpster. Returning back to the bus, I heard wailing sirens. This was the last chance of escape. The last chance of freedom. I RAN… I RAN FOR MY LIFE. The driver had already started to drive off. I chased after him. I was sweating in the scorching sun and he finally slowed down. The second he opened the door, I killed him. This was not the freedom I imagined. But I WAS FREE.. FINALLY I HAD FREEDOM… FREEDOM FROM THIS WORLD.