‘Landing’ by Tom

It was 5 minutes until landing. The screech of a million planes pierced our ears as they soared above us, but it was silent. As we got closer the seconds became painfully long, we were all scared to death. Shaking, I could hear the muffled sounds of machine guns and bombs;I knew that the time was near.

Suddenly, the behemoth metal ramp crashed down into the choppy sea below, the cliffs were dazzling with muzzle flash-almost blinding. We charged forward,leaping into the icy sea before us with heavy gear pulling us under while bullets penetrated the surface of the dark waters. Dropping my bag frantically, I drove forward and finally got to the gasp of air I desperately needed. The screams of a thousand men’s agonies rattled through the air while people were ripped apart by the vultures on the cliffs preyed on easy targets.It was manic, I dived behind the closest cover i could find, but others sprinted forward towards the cliff. Many bodies were on the ground, all of them individuals with their own future and family,all brutally stolen by the evil gunners.

My back pushed against the wall, I looked around;many made it to the safe haven of the cliff face, but many more didn’t.