‘Isolationism’ by Elliner Wilson, Age 14

There she sat, wrinkled hands holding up her fatigued head. Worry lines on every fold of skin and a tense jaw as her mind raced with possibilities as she sat before the border. Alone, she allowed her thoughts to wander to darker places.

Ominous and gloomy, dark clouds weighed heavily on the sky. They knew nothing of the woman’s torment – nor did they care as they threatened to send a wave of rain crashing down onto the humble car below.

Gnarled fingers grasped at weathered skin, pulling the flesh downwards towards the earth. Desperate eyes held the memories of decades, set deep into the face she no longer recognised as her own, years’ worth of life carved deep into her features.

Outside, lonely tufts of browning grass laid scattered across the ground. The woman suddenly felt the overwhelming urge to reach out and touch the forlorn touch of nature, to give it some of the life she had already lived, and surely did not need to possess any longer.

A heavy head and knarred hands pulled her from her thoughts as exhaustion took over.