‘How it all Began’ by Jarrad Pack, Year 9

How did our story begin…? It had been so long since I had last attempted to make sense of it all, and so much had happened since then, that I’m not even sure if I could recall what had happened and in what order. I had experienced so many horrible tragedies before me, and no matter what I felt, I always felt as if there was something more horrific happening that I would never be aware of, and I couldn’t even begin to imagine how anyone could move past something like this.

Prior to all of this, I had lived in a little town where, due to its remoteness from any large metropolis, news was scarce, although on rare occasions, we would receive any news about anything going on in the world. That information would spread like wildfire. Whatever the news was about, as soon as one person heard it, everyone knew about it and was discussing about what they thought was happening and why. So when the news of the war broke, it came as no surprise that within a day, everyone had packed their belongings and were attempting to evacuate as far as possible, regardless of the consequences.

I was one of the lucky ones, because as I boarded the train to leave, there were loud banging noises that seemed to shake the buildings as much as the people, and the last thing I heard before the train doors closed and we began to move was people screaming. All I knew was that whatever had happened, I wasn’t good.

When we arrived at our destination, I knew it would be nothing like home the instant I stepped out of the crowded train. I’d gotten away, but at what cost? Could I ever see my house or even my pals again? I could only reflect on what had transpired, and now I know what had happened as I left: the town had been attacked, and the screams I heard were from people afraid for their life. Now I was alone, my buddies couldn’t come, and all I could do was reflect on what had transpired.