‘Hostile Environment’ by Deborah Akinrefon, Year 10, Thomas Clarkson Academy

In the heart of a hostile land,
Where the air is thick with dread,
A tale of survival, a tale of strife,
In this place, the living are dead.

The sun beats down with a fiery rage,
As the winds howl and the sands shift,
A landscape of thorns and jagged rocks,
Where every step is a test of grit.

The creatures that dwell in this forsaken place,
Are as hostile as the land they roam,
Their eyes are filled with malice and hate,
In this world, there is no place to call home.

Yet, in the midst of this barren wasteland,
A spark of hope, a glimmer of light,
A traveler, weary and worn,
Fights on, determined to survive the night.

For in this hostile environment,
Where danger lurks at every turn,
The will to live, the will to survive,
Is the fire that in our hearts will burn.

So, let us not be daunted by the odds,
Let us face this hostile world with might,
For in the end, it’s the spirit that prevails,
In the face of a hostile, uncomfortable night.