‘Hide away’ by Calum Day, age 14, Soham Village College

Darkness, fire, crying and screaming, the robots had taken over the world. Destroyed, defeated and devastated the people were sent up to space where they would be held hostage for the rest of their life’s.


However, the silly clanckers (Robots) had thought that they had destroyed all living things in the world. However, a group of teenagers had slipped away and were now living in a bunker that was hidden in the mountains that over looked the city. 


 Time went by and the young stowaways watched their the place they grew up in get destroyed and get rebuilt with the robots technology. Due to the advanced technology the robots use, the city had been rebuilt in a few hours.

The resources in the bunker were limited so the stowaways would have to ration them until they find a way to get more.

“I’m so thirsty one said. “

( One get’s up to get some water)

“We’re out of water.”

Someone’s is going to have to risk it all to sneak into the city and steal some.

“I’ll go.” One bravely said .


So off Barney went, he was the ruthless leader so he had to put on his brave face for the others. It was 5:40 am and the fog had set. The moon was high, the city was dull and dark. This means that breaking in was easy.


He was in, he thought to him self that being there brought back many memories.

Barney finds it hard to navigate around the dull City nut due to memory   he can find his way to the little shop on the outskirts of the city.

He was there but he would have to hurry as the sun had started to rise. The brave leader rushed out of the city, the wind trying to push him backwards almost trying to keep him locked in.


Ten minutes later the heroic leader had made it back to safety. The stowaways rushed over to their leader and grabbed some water.

“Up yours you silly clankers. ” They all yelled.

‘ Stomp, stomp.’

A robot had followed him back. They look out the window, a pair of glowing red eyes pierced through the fog.


An idea flowed into Barneys head. They was going to hold the robot hostage and tell it to bring people back to earth. The stowaways get into position  an wait.


‘Crash, Bang, Shatter’

The plan had worked. He orderd the robot to bring the other robots up to the bunker with him