‘Growing Up’ by Daisy Copping, Age 14

Growing up;
a baby into a toddler,
a child into a teen
and so on and on.
A cycle so many of us have familiarised ourselves with
Over the border into a new chapter of life,
A toddler
learning to walk, to talk ,
to jump, to play
:these things all help to get past the first border.
A Child
The new found shout
Starting school
And suddenly 10 years go by
There Are older now.
And you can’t believe that they used to be tiny.
A big jump
They used to be a kid
Yet they are now an adult
Where did the years go.
Early adulthood
They’re discovering a new world
So much more they didn’t know
When did they grow up so fast.
An Adult
They’re married
They have kids
And it reminds you how much they’ve grown.
An Elderly,
They Are older now
With grandkids of their own
And eventually they cross the final border.