‘Fractured’ by Lily Perkins, Year 9

Everything happened a long time ago. Lives were lost, and money was lost. I’ve seen so many terrible things, so many civilian deaths. But I remained emotionless. It’s been two days since I and the remnants of my fractured family landed here.

I had lived in a small ancient town where any news, important or not, travelled like wildfire. Everyone knew who everyone else knew and what was around every corner. Our small community was far from any large civilization, but it provided us with everything we required. We had to move since our father had lost his job and we couldn’t keep up with the rent. Father began working two jobs, while mother remained with us to teach us. That is, until one day. A one-of-a-kind day.

I was partly sleepy as I was hurried to the railway station. I had no idea where I was, why I was getting shoved every two seconds, or even where I was heading. I was overcome with a warm familiar sense of fear and panic. That’s when I noticed it. “They’re coming, hurry!” A harsh, gruff voice yelled into the crowded train station. “Who, who is coming!?” I was thinking to myself. “Why would anyone want to come here?” My thoughts became blank for a little moment before it was terminated. Planes screamed overhead, causing my ears to bleed.

When everyone began to panic, the pressing grew more severe. I couldn’t even open my eyes to take in the mood and scenario. My two younger sisters and I were crammed inside a train like marshmallows being squeezed into small sacks. My heartbeat became faster and louder when I knew neither my mum nor father had made it onto the train. My stomach dropped. All I could remember were the words that my mother left me with.

You are brave, don’t be afraid.

You are kind because you are mine.

When you are weak

I am close by

And when you feel sad

Close your eyes and dream.

Dream, dream, dream

Dream of things that make you smile.

Today all I have are the hopes and dreams of a brighter tomorrow.