‘Empty Promises’ by Hunt, Age 14

Over the border, it’s a whole other land

Where the sun is always shining, and the grass is always green

No longer are they bound by rules or expectations

No longer are they trapped in a land bound to violence


The people there, they come from far and wide

Bringing with them stories, and dreams they hope to realise

And though their past may hold pain

The future is bright over the border.


The journey to get there, it was not an easy one

Over mountains and rivers, through heat and cold

But every step they took, every challenge they faced

Brought them closer to a place they could finally reach


And when they crossed that border, the weight would be lifted

For they would know knew they were part of something grand,

something that never could expire

They would be free, free to be themselves, to make their own destiny

And though the road ahead would be long and dark, that is where their story would be



That is what they were told,

Before they arrived.

But they were met with uncertain deadlines,

And empty promises.

Hearing of freedom, time after time.