‘Drink’ by Nicola Kitts

The door slammed.

I sprinted to my room , my eyes already pouring. I can’t let him in . I won’t . I
can’t deal with this anymore, I just can’t . Sage . Sage . Sage . That’s my
name. My dad called me this but he always said it three times like a genie .
Although , my lamp would have been stolen by him , just like my freedom.

I felt my knees turn to jelly . How did he get in ? Why did I open the door?
Stop! Stop! . My head was turned to face him due to the force of my father’s
icy cold fingers which wrapped around my cheeks like vines on a door edge.
My father smirked, showing his cruel yellow smile.

“ Drink my child , drink”

I won’t drink. I can’t drink it , this experimental potion my father had foolishly
created for his own satisfaction which wasn’t unnormal . I won’t risk anything .
I won’t risk infecting anyone who I touch. I won’t let him turn me into one of
these cold , pasty , blood-sucking creatures . Vampires.

“ Dad please no-. YOU CAN’T . DAD PUT THE POTION DOWN”

I hate him. My dad had made me drink that earthy green potion down to the
very last drop . I hate him so much , but my skin is not pale , my eyes are not
red and my skin does not burn when It touches sunlight , but when I touch a
light bulb it lights . I am Sage, a 14 year old boy who lives with his psychotic
and abusive father and I have electrical powers.