‘Deserted’ by Marcie Sargeant, Year 10, Thomas Clarkson Academy

It was getting late, and I couldn’t fully tell where I was. I checked my phone to see my whereabouts, but there was no signal. The land was bare, deserted. The car had broken down a few hours ago so I had to walk all the way to the hotel by foot. Nothing was familiar to me.

As I strolled through the vast, barren fields, the howling wind encircled me, blowing dirt and sand all around. The sun had nearly set, so I could barely see my surroundings. The silence was awful, with no life for miles. I wandered, unaware of what was ahead. In the distance, I heard faint noises that sounded like shouting. I couldn’t tell if I was imagining things or not. I continued going, trying to ignore it, but they never left. I could hear the shouting from farther out in the field, closer than previously. Finally, I gave up ignoring the sounds and went to investigate what was occurring.

Despite my inability to see anything, I can still hear the voices, but they are now accompanied by booming noises, much like gunfire. I began to panic. I wasn’t sure where I was or what was going on. My mind was racing with all the scary possibilities of what I was about to face. Suddenly, everything went silent. I froze. My heart is beating. “Hello?” I asked, presuming someone was present. No response. I scan my surroundings for any signs of hope.

When I believed it was safe to proceed, bam? A gunshot rang out next to me, and I watched the bullet hit the dirt. The gunshot was followed by another. And another. And another. Then I realised. I was on a battlefield. My thoughts became a condition of panic. Soldiers to the left of me. Soldiers to my right. They didn’t realise I was there. They began running at me from both sides. Unsure what to do, I collapsed to the ground, hiding my head and ears from the ringing of bullets. I stood up and rushed through the soldiers, hoping to escape. I tripped over dead bodies while running. I ran as fast as my legs could, and my heart was racing. I ran and ran.

Everything went silent. I got shot. My clothes were covered in blood. I dropped on the ground, exhausted of breath. The bleeding would not cease. I was losing too much. This was it. I was dying on a bloodied battlefield. I began my voyage eager to explore the world. After 6 hours in an unknown nation, my entire life altered. I lay hopelessly on the ground. Blood was flowing everywhere. My relatives had no idea what happened to me. Nobody knew where I was, and I had no idea where I was. After that, everything became black. I was dead, barely knowing what had happened to me. Alone. Deserted.