‘Definitions of Borders’ by Isabella Thornton, Year 10

When I search up the noun border there are 2 definitions that come up:

  • A line separating two countries
  • The edge or boundary of something

There are emotions attached to borders. Going over one of these can cause friction and upset. However, they can also bring about new experiences. For example, breaking a boundary and overcoming a fear can cause ultimate pride in oneself. Crossing between countries can cause people to learn about culture and learn about things they never knew existed.

Borders can be simple things like a border on a page which if crossed can affect no one. The phrase ‘going over the line’ relates to crossing borders in a way that can affect people. When people are affected others hear and it makes a difference. It may be a good difference or bad difference but a difference at that.

Borders can feel entrapping if you are on the inside of them. But they can contrast with a feeling of safety and enclosure. It all depends on a specific situation. There’s a lot of contrast within the theme of over the border.